Lifepak Express 80427-000136

Product ID: FA-DEFIB
Price: $1,500.00
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Easy to use.
Once a first responder activates the device and applies the QUIK-PAK™ electrode pads to the victim, the defibrillator analyses the heart rhythm and is designed to determine if a shock is needed with an easy-to-locate, flashing shock button.
Provides the most Potent Defibrillation Energy Available.
The LIFEPAK EXPRESS has the capability to escalate energy up to an industry-leading 360J.
Reliable and easy to own.
A readiness indicator lets you know the defibrillator is prepared to do its job. The battery charger and electrodes have a synchronised replacement schedule that makes your maintenance program efficient and affordable.


•    Industry-leading 360 joules capability
•    Step-by-step ClearVoice™ prompts
•    Same technology used by
     medical professionals
•    Flashing shock button
•    Highly visible readiness indicator
•    Simplified maintenance
•    Lightweight and compact


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