GL624 PLASMA EVO 2 Medium Impact

Product ID: GL624
Brand: Eyres
Price: $32.00
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The 624 PLASMA EVO 2 is the second generation model of the 604 PLASMA. EYRES have taken all of the features loved in the 604 PLASMA, like a slimline frame design with anti slip pads and modified them to create the 624 PLASMA EVO 2. 

Designed with shorter arms than its predecessor, the 624 PLASMA EVO 2 is an Ergonomic Innovation that can be worn comfortably with caps, hard hats, helmets and most headwear. Another advantage the 624 PLASMA EVO 2 has over its forefather is the fact that it is certified for Medium Impact protection. 




8 Base CurveAnti-Slip PadsRX CertifiedMedium Impact<p>99.9% UV Protection</p>
TR90+ advanced thermoplastic


Quality Assurance:


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