240L Oil Fuel Spill Kit

Product ID: MI1816-240HC
Brand: WA Safety
Price: $550.00
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Oil & Fuel Spill Kits are a excellent spill responder that will absorb any hydrocarbon spill such as petrol, diesel, fuel, solvents and oil, but repel water. This makes them ideal for any Oil & Fuel Spill on land or water. Whatever size your potential spill is, we have the right size kit from the 240L Oil & Fuel Spill Kits to the handy 40L carry bag Spill Kit.

All Oil & Fuel Spill Kits are clearly marked with colour-coded stickers for easy identification in emergencies and come with on-kit instructions and re-order forms.

Huge stockholdings of all sizes, ready for immediate despatch, Australia wide.


240L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

7 x 3.0m absorbent minibooms

100 x 410mm x 460mm absorbent pads

1 x 10kg MaxSorb premium floorsweep

1 x industrial brush & pan set

2 x elbow length PVC gloves

8 x printed disposal bags

1 x 240L labelled wheelie bin

1 x product instruction sheet including re-order form.

Dimensions: 700 x 600 x 1050mm H Weight: 42kg


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