Sign Weight Bags - large sand bag

Product ID: CO1251A
Brand: WA Safety
Price: $23.10
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Saddle Bag

Constructed from a tough 

canvas fabric and is UV stabalised.

Each weight bag is fitted with a webbing strap 
handle with extra fi xings and stitches for ease 
of transport once full and can be used to secure 
it to an object.

Ideal for weighting or stabilising objects that 
are wind-affected or inherently unstable, swing 
stands, umbrellas, tents/marquees, signage and 
a million other jobs.

The bags can be fi lled with many different items, 
ideally sand (this creates a 14kg weight) with 
the ends being secured with velcro to keep the 
sand in.

Each bag is 600 x 500, 
durable construction UV stabalised
carry or attachment handle with extra fi xing points, 
bright orange for visibility

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