Assault Warning Light (windscreen mountable)

Product ID: LI-L9441
Brand: WA Safety
Price: $420.00
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The Assault covert warning light is a high intensity LED warning light that is mountable onto the front and/or rear wind

screen with built-in suction caps. It comes with a visor to ensure minimal flash back. With the added feature of the adjustable tilt panels, the Assault is the ultimate warning light that can be operated from the interior of your car.
Built with 12 x 1W High Powered LED, the Assualt emits a high intensity light that is visible from over 1,000 meters during the daytime. It complies to SAE Class 1 and CA Title XIII standards.
The Assault features an easy push button to select any of the 22 in-built flash patterns.

The Assault comes with a 3.5m cord and a cigarette plug that features an independent on-off button for ease of use. With
the variable 12v to 24v DC input, the Assault can be used in most vehicles ranging from cars to 4-wheel drives to trucks.
The design of the Assault makes it ideal to use as a directional warning light that targets oncoming traffic and people as it
is facing directly onto oncoming traffic and people. With the visor, it minimises flash back onto the driver and/or passengers.

Input Voltage:
12V to 24V DC variable

Current Draw:
2.8AMP (peak), 1.2Amp (average).

Size: 202mm (L) x 158mm (W) x 63mm (H)

12 1-Watt High Intensity LEDs

Over 1,000 meter day time visibility

SAE Class 1 compliant

Windscreen mountable

12V to 24V DC variable input

22 unique flash patterns

Aluminium housing

Compact size

Extra long 3.5M cable

Including cigarette plug with on/off switch

Mode switch on the side of the unit

Current Draw:2.8AMP (peak), 1.2Amp (average).

Size:202mm (L) x 158mm (W) x 63mm (H)

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